Opt-in for e-Statement delivery today!

Choose change. Reducing your eco-footprint is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Opt-in for e-Statement delivery today and go green with IPC.

As of January 2012, regulators require IPC to provide you with quarterly statements in place of your annual statement.

With e-Statements you can:

Access your statements online, 24/7 from any computer, anywhere, with an internet connection

Receive a message notification through your Personal

Financial Website message box when the statement has been delivered

Archive e-Statements for a period of 18 months

Experience no time lag due to holiday mail or postal service disruption

What’s more, by choosing to have your investment statements delivered electronically, you will also be helping the environment.

You may now choose to receive your IPC Investment Corporation account statement through electronic delivery. These e-Statements look the same as the paper statements you receive today and are delivered to you safely and securely within your Personal Financial Website.

Login to your Personal Financial Website to opt-in today or contact our office for more information!