The Future of The Smith Team

7 November, 2017

Kevin and Nadea discuss the changes happening within in The Smith Team and what it means for our clients.... Read more

A Discussion on Canada & Oil Prices

19 February, 2016

Kevin discusses the price of oil as it relates to the Canadian Economy.... Read more

China Bubble: Thoughts on Chinese market drop

25 August, 2015

Kevin discusses the markets in China and how it relates to what is happening in the rest of the world, including the first meaningful correction in the past three years.... Read more

Price of Oil Effect in 2015

14 January, 2015

Filed Under: Wealth Management

Kevin discusses the declining price of oil and what it means for all of us.... Read more

Rana Chauhan at Head Office

6 August, 2014

Filed Under: Portfolio Management

Kevin and Chief Investment Strategist for Counsel Portfolio Services address the good returns we have had over the past couple years and what you as clients should make of this going forward. Watch video.... Read more

Transitioning in Retirement

21 March, 2014

Filed Under: Retirement

Kevin discusses the lifestyle changes that happen even after retirement. These changes often include downsizing a home and moving to be closer to family as we pass through the different phases of retirement.... Read more

Finance 101: A Young person's Guide to Saving

12 March, 2014

Our country's youth are growing up in a culture dominated by availability of goods, instant gratification and credit cards. So it's no surprise that they are not preparing adequately for their financial future. Recently, Stowers Innovations, Inc.... Read more